Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Day Devoted to the Past AND to the Future

Went to my hometown today. Stopped on the way and bought my almost 86 year old Mom her groceries. While I was there I bought a sweet yellow and white baby sleeper with ducks on it (and ducks on the feet!) for my new grandbaby that is due in Sept.! LOL Also a huge pkg. of newborn diapers. I better start stockpiling.

Our youngest grandchild is ten and we are really excited about this new baby. Hopefully tomorrow we will know what sex the baby is. We'll take either! LOL

My best friend from high school and I spent the afternoon together. We went to the local "Dairy Bar" where we have eaten since we were in elementary school. We sat out on her beautiful old porch and looked through old photos and ate and visited. Bother of us agreed that it was better than any old expensive restaurant!

Here's to old friends who know you only too well and to new grandbabies who don't even know you yet..... Both are blessings in my life right now. Hope you have some similar ones in yours!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Men, Ya Just Gotta Luv'em Even When They Have No Taste!

Hmmm...just when I think that I've got my DH of 22 years figured out - he changes gears and I'm completely at sea again! Saturday I bought the coolest black and white chippy painted wooden screen door. The paint is wonderful - it's cracked and aged and I loved the thing enough to give $10.00 for it. Caught him gone today, cleaned it up a little, brought it in the house, placed it against one of my livingroom walls and added several old black and white family photos scattered all over the screen part. (Was that a long enough sentence for ya!? LOL) Anyway, he comes in, doesn't say anything and when I ask him if he's noticed anything different he smiles and says, "Yep, the minute I came in. I just didn't know WHAT to say!" Asked him if he liked it and he grinned even bigger and said, "Do ya want the truth?" LOL I came back with, "What do you NOT like about it? The chipped paint? The colors? The photos? What?" His answer, "All of it. I hate all of it!" "Maybe if I move it somewhere else?" Another smile and a "I'm sorry. I'm STILL gonna hate it!" He usually pretty much goes along with whatever hare-brained scheme that I come up with, but today? No dice. Guess it'll go to my flea market booth as a display piece. Sure thought he had a little more imagination than THAT. He married me, ya know! LOL

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Figured that SecondHandRosie was as good a name as any for this new blog of mine. I love weathered, rusted, old, slightly worn and greatly loved things. Hey, wait, I think I just described myself! See what I mean about it being an appropriate name!? LOL

I plan on sharing my junking experiences, my friends and family (both furry and non), my thoughts on anything that crosses my feeble mind and become friends with some of you and
get cheap therapy for me! LOL

Hop aboard, the SecondHandRosie train is leaving the station! WHOOO WHOOO!