Sunday, March 28, 2010

Figured that SecondHandRosie was as good a name as any for this new blog of mine. I love weathered, rusted, old, slightly worn and greatly loved things. Hey, wait, I think I just described myself! See what I mean about it being an appropriate name!? LOL

I plan on sharing my junking experiences, my friends and family (both furry and non), my thoughts on anything that crosses my feeble mind and become friends with some of you and
get cheap therapy for me! LOL

Hop aboard, the SecondHandRosie train is leaving the station! WHOOO WHOOO!


  1. Welcome to the land of blog! You will have fun here and make a lot of new friends.

  2. I have to agree that it is cheap therapy!! Welcome to the blogworld!

  3. Thanks so much, you guys. When I saw that I had comments I felt like a kid at Christmas! LOL

    Hey, now I know why those big old NFL players play to get a star on their helmets! LOL