Monday, March 29, 2010

Men, Ya Just Gotta Luv'em Even When They Have No Taste!

Hmmm...just when I think that I've got my DH of 22 years figured out - he changes gears and I'm completely at sea again! Saturday I bought the coolest black and white chippy painted wooden screen door. The paint is wonderful - it's cracked and aged and I loved the thing enough to give $10.00 for it. Caught him gone today, cleaned it up a little, brought it in the house, placed it against one of my livingroom walls and added several old black and white family photos scattered all over the screen part. (Was that a long enough sentence for ya!? LOL) Anyway, he comes in, doesn't say anything and when I ask him if he's noticed anything different he smiles and says, "Yep, the minute I came in. I just didn't know WHAT to say!" Asked him if he liked it and he grinned even bigger and said, "Do ya want the truth?" LOL I came back with, "What do you NOT like about it? The chipped paint? The colors? The photos? What?" His answer, "All of it. I hate all of it!" "Maybe if I move it somewhere else?" Another smile and a "I'm sorry. I'm STILL gonna hate it!" He usually pretty much goes along with whatever hare-brained scheme that I come up with, but today? No dice. Guess it'll go to my flea market booth as a display piece. Sure thought he had a little more imagination than THAT. He married me, ya know! LOL

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